Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I stroll past quaint shops in a row
My footsteps crunch in icy snow,
Everywhere gala ornaments adorn,
To celebrate the day Christ was born.

Christmas trees are laced with lights
Their flashing colors pierce the night
Sparkling colors of a winter rainbow
In ice crystals sprinkled over snow.

Cheery people scurry here and there
Laden with presents picked with care,
Their cheeks rosy in the evening cold
As carolers sing Yuletide songs of old.

Holy Christmas scenes made with love
Display heavenly angels from above,
In hay mangers a swaddled doll child
Lies as baby Jesus so meek and mild.

I stand listening to sleigh bells ringing
I linger to hear the carolers singing,
The Christmas spirit fairly fills the air
But my spiritless heart seems unaware.

Everywhere there's happy smiling faces
Santa Claus is calling on festive places
And I should be joyful this time of year
But sweet voices of home is all I hear.

This Christmastime I'll be on my own
Oh if somehow I could go back home,
Home for Christmas with kith and kin
And welcome the coming new year in.

If Only I could hold father and mother
This Christmas would be as none other
But there's no joy in my heart this year,
They're far away and I'm pining here.

The sights and sounds of holiday cheer
Give me little happiness at being here,
I can't stop feeling so completely alone,
It's Christmas and I should be home.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-17-04

Song title: "Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees"

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