Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Christmas bells are ringing
Colored lights are twinkling
Happy carolers are singing
Sleigh bells are jingle-jangling.

Pretty ornamented trees
Scenes delighting to see,
Streets adorned with lights
Sights and sounds delight.

Presents lie beneath the tree
Young hearts filled with glee,
Beautiful ribbons and bows
Kisses under the mistletoe.

There is merriment and joys
Children wait for new toys,
There is laughter and cheer
This charming time of year.

Gathering with family and kin
To welcome Christmas in,
Serenity and harmony abound
As loving emotions surround.

Over snow-clad hills and dells
Kitchens fill with sweet smells,
A fine feast will be served to all
After Santa Claus comes to call.

We celebrate with great mirth
As love encircles the Earth,
Goodwill and peace to mankind
Is the Christmas spirit that binds.

We celebrate the birth of Jesus
Who sacrificed to redeem us,
It's His birthday time of year
Oh glorious Christmas is here.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-10-05

Song title: "Ding-A-Ling The Christmas Bell"

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