Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

The holy spirit of Christmas takes flight
Beneath the star of Bethlehem's light
Filling eager hearts and minds with delight
As we joyfully await Christmas Eve night.

It is a grand time of goodwill and mirth,
Enduring love will encircle God's Earth
And as we feel the Christmas spirit warm
Let us remember our lonely in uniform.

In far places and America the beautiful
Our adored courageous serve dutiful
But this Christmas many will be alone
On this big blue marble we call home.

Whether in a crowd or at a lone outpost
Many will feel the hurt of solitude most
As they recall memories around the tree
Of dear Mother and Father and family.

No matter the distant shores they roam
Soldiers will yearn for family and home
And when Christmas bells began to chime
For our warriors it will be a lonely time.

Before our Christmas dinner quite grand
Let us in reverence hold grateful hands,
Let us pray for our lonesome hero's afar
And for their safety, wherever they are.

When we meet around the Christmas tree
And Christmas carols fill hearts with glee
Remember our soldiers near and far away
Who long for family and home this holiday.

Let us pray for them with outstretched arms
May God keep our heroes from all harms,
We are so blessed by those defenders of all
Wherever they serve freedoms beckon call.

Thankful Americans under Old Glory's wave
Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the brave,
We love and respect them for duties done,
Merry Christmas heroes, each and everyone.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-10-06

Song title: "Immortality"

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