Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Santa's workshop is busily humming
Christmas Eve is quickly coming,
The grandest day of the year is near,
Jesus' birthday will soon be here.

Adoration and hope encircle Earth
As we prepare for The Lord's birth,
The day of jubilation is drawing nigh
When jolly St. Nick's reindeer fly.

We eagerly wait while Santa's elves
Scurry to clear workshop shelves
loading sacks into Santa's red sleigh
As thoughts turn to Christmas day.

Christmas past and present are joys
That fill the hearts of girls and boys,
Grownups have carols yet to be sung
But the gaiety is truly for the young.

We see the wonder in delighted eyes
The morning after old Santa flies,
It's children under the Christmas tree
That fills grown hearts with glee.

As Christmas nears little faces beam
And presents are a nightly dream,
They make a wish-list of their desire
And inspirations could not be higher.

Kids of the world wait for Santa Claus
And grownups with reverence pause,
We remember again why Christ was born
As our children wait for Christmas morn.

Hope springs eternal on Christmas day
As we celebrate The Lord's birthday
It is the most revered day in Christianity
When love renews for all humanity.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-23-09

Song title: "Hymn For Christmas"

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