Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Our beloved soldiers one and all
Has answered America's call,
Over oceans to foreign lands
Old Glory waves so freedom stands.

As holiday bells toll in the season
Let us pause to recall the reason
We are free to celebrate Christmas
And the birth of Lord Jesus.

Pray for those that fought and died,
For the suffering families that cried,
Pray for the soldiers far from home
Who this Christmas will be alone.

Jesus in Heaven hear our prayer
As we honor soldiers everywhere,
Shield our bold warriors over there,
Hold them in your merciful care.

In hospitals and every known place
Father we pray for special grace,
Heal our sick, wounded and lame
With worship we ask in thy name.

Shepherd the lonely brave far away
Lead your flock from harms way,
Give comfort to their worried mind
From your gentle heart forever kind.

They are champions brave and proud
And so we kneel with heads bowed,
Lord, bless our hero's over the earth
As we joyfully observe your birth.

Keep them in your guarding light,
Lead a way through periled nights,
Lend them thy strength Lord Jesus
As we near this coming Christmas.

Merciful Father in Heaven above
Embrace the soldiers we ever love,
Please bring them home safely to us,
Home by next Christmas.
©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-14-05

Song title: "From The Beginning Til Now"

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