Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Friend To Friend


As one dearest friend to another
With abiding love for each other,
I'm sending this note to remind
That you are always on my mind.

But I feel especially close today
Because Christmas is on the way,
A season of love and cheer is here
So naturally I thought of you dear.

I've thought of cheery words to say
About us and the coming holiday,
I wanted to write witty words to quip
About Christmas and our friendship.

But I can't find the words to express
How you have given me happiness,
Holiday joy is only a season through
But everyday is a joy, knowing you.

I may fill pages with lines and rhyme
One sweet flowery word at a time,
I may ramble on about being your friend
But it all reads I love you at the end.

So I'm skipping all those clever lines
There are so many puzzling kinds,
Like a gift under a Christmas tree,
You can't see what's inside from me.

I can't write completely of my emotions
I'm sure the ink would fill oceans
So I'm simply saying I love and cherish you,
Not just for a season but the year through.

It's Christmastime and merriment abounds
Around us are beautiful sights and sounds
And as one dear friend to another would say,
Have a most wonderful Christmas Day.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-28-09

Song title: "Ding Dong"

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