Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Virgin Mary and Holy Child

Oh holy night with heavens brightly alight
Oh holy night as winged angels took flight
With glistening starlight caressing the earth
In the hamlet of Bethlehem came His birth.

Turned from the inn that had no room
Weakened with babe restless in womb
Mother Mary lay down on a matting of hay
And in a stable Christ was born that day.

To the Virgin Mary was delivered a child,
Unto the world a Savior gentle and mild,
In swaddling Jesus lay asleep in a manger
His name as yet unsung to any stranger.

In the easterly sky a star appeared beaming
Brightly lighting where baby lay dreaming,
Oh glorious night while souls in slumber lay
Came precious Lord Jesus asleep in the hay.

Unto near shepherds tending flock by night
Came an angel of The Lord in hurried flight,
In reverence they cowered petrified as stone
And covering them a light so brilliantly shone.

And the angel said, be not afraid but behold
For I give you glad tidings that shall be told,
I deliver you good tidings of hope with mirth,
The Redeemer is born for mankind on earth.

Suddenly a host of heavenly angels came
Saying peace and goodwill in God's name,
Greatest praise and glory to Father on high
Then they vanished toward the eastern sky.

The shepherds went beneath Bethlehem skies
And viewed this miracle with astonished eyes
Then traveling the country as quickly as able
They spread the tidings of birth in the stable.

Having watched the star of the newborn King
Three Wise Men went with gifts they bring,
Over fields and mountains traveling from afar
With wonder they followed the eastern star.

They followed till the star stood where baby lay
And they entered where Mary rested on hay,
Seeing the newborn King they fell to their knees
Presenting treasures they prayed would please.

The Magi presented frankincense, myrrh and gold
And the miracle of Mary's child will forever hold,
Just as three Wise Men worshipped the newborn
So too we believers on revered Christmas morn.

We celebrate the season and the reason for His birth
For He is The Son and Savior of humanity on Earth
And each year in the splendor of The Noel season
We praise The Father for delivering us the reason.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-03-09

Song title: "Oh Holy Night"

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