~*~This Christmas~*~

Oh holy night
Oh star bright
God up above,
Where's my love?

Gone heart's desire
Cold loves fire
Glowing embers died
I prayed, I cried.

No more shall I see
His face before me
Never a sweet smile
To comfort awhile.

Oh most holy eve
Alone I grieve
Christmas lights on a tree,
No joy for me.

Carolers chorus loud
To a happy crowd
Baby Jesus on display,
My baby died away.

I died with my soldier
I could be no colder
They've killed me too,
Pretty ribbons of blue.

Blood blends with sand
In a distant land
Starlight, star bright
Where's love tonight?

The soft fall of snow
Twinkling lights in a row
Kisses beneath mistletoe,
I lie weeping below.

Merry Christmas morn
My heart is torn
Decorations on a tree,
Bitterness for me.

So high freedom's cost
Love and life lost
Alone I bear the sorrows
Of Christmas tomorrows.

I cannot say goodbye
Just stare, just cry
Pretty paper all torn
I tremble, I mourn.

God still my aching heart
To soon we're apart
Hold him to your breast
Give my soldier rest.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-07-06

Song title: "Pretty Paper"

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