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Blue Christmas by Kenneth Ellison

Blue snowflake dividing line

I walk the lane in soft falling snow
Staring at the pretty lights all aglow,
Snowflakes caress my nose and chin,
It's Christmastime again.

Thoughts of last Noel flood my mind
I still have the ring you left behind,
I watch children playing in the snow
And my footsteps slow.

I wonder where my baby is this eve
But no answer comes to believe,
I can't bear thinking of my little girl,
My sweet cherub with flaxen curl.

A year ago today you took her away
No word of goodbye did you say,
I feel lost and lonely without you two,
Christmas colors me deep blue.

I think I'll stop loving you tomorrow
After a few memories I borrow
Like the cheerful holidays last year
When you seemed so happy here.

Our little white house on the hill
Once a heaven is strangely still,
The porch swing sways in the breeze
Where I proposed on my knees.

I'll be over you after this Christmas
I'll stop thinking of the three of us,
I promise myself as the snow flies,
I promise myself as I dry my eyes.

On the lane where we lived I pause
And smile thinking of Santa Claus,
He'll be surprised sleighing through
To see an empty house wrapped in blue.
Blue snowflake dividing line
©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-08-09

Song title: "Blue Christmas"

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