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Christmas For Two Warming by the Fire

Christmas For Two

The snowdrifts are piled deep
And traffic is a slow creep,
The weather out is frightful
But the fireside is delightful.

So lets stay cozy right here
For Christmas this year,
It will be just the two of us
Celebrating The Lord Jesus.

On this Christmas Eve night
Our tree sparkles so bright
And blinky lights are in a row
Over doors with mistletoe.

Pretty gifts are under the tree
Some for you, some for me,
We'll cuddle in the hearths glow
And wait for St. Nick to show.

We'll make ourselves all snugly
With some zesty cider bubbly
And sing holiday carols of old
As our little party we hold.

As pleasure of the evening grows
We'll kiss under the mistletoes,
I'll be standing under each one
To kiss your dear father's son.

Then as the clock strikes midnight
And two hearts brim with delight
Shiny bows and ribbon we'll scatter
After Santa's reindeer clatter.

Just after Santa's Christmas caper
Pick the gift with prettiest paper
It's my special gift to you sweetheart
But don't tear the paper apart.

With the kids at grandma's this eve
And conditions to dreadful to leave
Lets enjoy this Christmas together
And later we'll blame the weather.

Tomorrow with Christmas daylight
We'll be holding each other tight,
Still tucked into our warm comfy bed
As snowflakes swirl softly overhead.

Christmas Ribbon of Red

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-01-10

Song title: "Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire"

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