Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Golden Christams Miracle

Snowfall covers the woods this night
Shimmering in the silvery moonlight,
The frontier wilderness is silent and still
Except in the little cabin on the hill.

Spirals of smoke from the chimney top
Float lazily over the iced treetops,
From every window frosted with snow
Lamplight cast shadows in a yellowy glow.

One heavenly star most brightly shined
Brilliantly it gleamed as one of a kind
And this special eve in a mild snowfall
Forest creatures gathered one and all.

Curious they came under a winter moon,
Circling the cabin they sensed that soon
A miracle would pass on this snowy night,
As long ago in a manger's candlelight.

A miracle the pioneers had prayed long for
Was being delivered from God they adore,
For a decade they had prayed for this event
And from a loving God it was sent.

From the mountaintop to creatures below
Came a winged angel whiter than snow,
With wings glittering it circled the little home
And in the blink of a doe's eye was gone.

Suddenly from the cabin arose such a clatter
God's creatures thought something the matter
And though no gifts, frankincense or myrrh
It was God's miracle creating the stir.

A baby was crying on this Christmas morn,
To The Father's children a child was born
And the creatures around knew all was well,
And returned to the forest as snow softly fell.

©Written by Kenneth J. Ellison 11-30-10

Song title: "One Small Child"

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