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A Bike For Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas she lay in bed
As the star-of-Bethlehem twinkled overhead
Mommy and daddy were downstairs fast asleep
And all through the house was not heard a peep.

Brother's in the cradle in the room below her
And outside dancing snowflakes gently stir
A frosty Christmas Eve has quietly filled the air
As she clasp little hands to repeat a Christmas prayer.

The last curl of smoke rose from the chimney that night
As daddy's little princess closed wishful eyes tight
And with all her might she prayed with heart aflutter
As Santa's reindeer rose to the sky she would mutter.

"Dear Lord Jesus in Heaven it's Heather down here
I'm sure you know I became a big girl this year
And I've been mostly good to everyone's delight
So please put a bicycle in Santa's sleigh tonight."

For her birthday was a doll that said mama with a wink
But what she wanted most was a bicycle of pink,
Notes to Santa was scribbled for each of her four years,
Mom sent the last stained with a few precious tears.

Now all through the town by this snowy Christmas Eve
Such hard-times had settled no one could believe,
It was up to Santa to provide for all Christmas morn
As they celebrated the day baby Jesus was born.

Once-upon-a-time in the wee hours before daylight
A golden bolt of light flashed through the night
And just for a blink of an eye there seemed to appear
A laughing man in a sleigh pulled by reindeer.

Such a clatter was made as he sleighed to Heathers' home
Then with a shout "Merry Christmas" he was gone
And that morning she stood before the tree with a blink
Before her twinkling eyes was a bicycle of pink.

Christmas Bike

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-25-11

Song title: "An Austrian Christmas Medley"

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