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Sensing Noel by Kenneth J Ellison

Sensing Noel

Can you see what I see?
It's as clear as can be,
See the brightest star glow?
The Bethlehem one we know.

This Christmastime held dear
Harken to what you hear,
Hear the sleigh bells jingle?
Soon will come Kriss Kringle.

Do you smell the evergreen?
Christmas trees can be seen,
Breath deeply the scented air,
Their fragrance is everywhere.

Feel the spirit the heart touch?
'Tis the Noel we love so much,
Feel joy and goodwill abound,
Adoration for all is around.

Soon you will taste the holiday
As tables laden before you lay,
Foods kept for a special treat,
Will be lain to hungrily eat.

'Tis the time of red berries and holly
As we await old St. Nick so jolly
And kisses wait under the mistletoe
Can you feel the love flow?

Christmastide season comes to us
To honor the birth of Baby Jesus
And we know great joy in our hearts
When the sacred season starts.

In a manger filled with new hay
A new baby boy one day lay
And today Jesus is at your side
As we celebrate The Christmastide.

Noel Snowflake

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-26-11

Song title: "Do You Hear What I Hear?"

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