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Happy Holidays by Kenneth J Ellison


Happy Holidays Christmas Wreath

Santa's shop is briskly humming
Joyful holidays are fast coming
Elves are packing Santa's sleigh
Preparing for Jesus' birthday.

Here comes kisses under mistletoe
And Christmas tree lights aglow
An enchanting band of great mirth
Is encircling planet Earth.

Merry Christmas Day is nearing
And to you quite endearing
I devote these few simple rhymes,
Wishing you the very best of times.

I wish you the grandest holidays
And joy in boundless ways,
May no tempest ever cover you
And your skies remain truest blue.

May assurance of The Lord's light
Gift you peace day and night
May you walk in it's healing glow
And happiness be all you know.

May each dawn you merrily embrace
As you rise smiling in God's grace,
May no troubles lurk at your door
And good health be your's evermore.

May your life flourish in the new year
And time pass without a fear,
I wish for you bliss and good health
And may you have ample wealth.

May The Lord fill your heart with song
As this Christmastime comes along,
May His love and mine overflow you,
Merry Christmas and Happy New year too.

Happy Holidays Christmas Swag

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-07-11

Song title: "Hymn For Christmas"

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