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Festive Day by Kenneth Ellison

Festive Day Golden Leaf

When autumn leaves are falling
We all begin recalling
The blessings that surround
As leaves come tumbling down.

It's a beautiful time of year
As festival day draws near
When thoughts are of giving
As we merrily celebrate living.

Thanksgiving day is fast coming
And great plans are humming
As the yearly banquet grand
Is so carefully planned.

Loving hands will prepare
A princely feast quite rare
On a festive table it will lay
As we join hands to pray.

Family and friends gather
In chilly autumn weather
And with jubilant accord
Give thanks' to The Lord.

God's blessings are many
But more than nearly any
We are blest by His grace,
A gift none can replace.

Sweet adoration fills the air
Smiles abound everywhere,
Peace and harmony entwine
As we happily meet to dine.

Thanksgiving day draws near
And we'd love to see you here
But if you can't make it this fall,
Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Festive Day Golden Leaf

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-03-09

Song title: "Heirlooms"

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