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Dividing Line of color

Here comes Thanksgiving Day
That's what our calendars say
So soon we'll visit you with cheer
To pig-out again this year.

We're sure you've heard the word
It's time to roast that bird
And feed us a feast fit for a king,
It's time to do that turkey thing.

It's time for us all to eat too much
Of turkey, pumpkin-pie and such,
We'll stuff good eats down our throat
Until we swell like toads with bloat.

Lay out your polished silverware
The swarm will soon be there,
Ready the turkey for granny's platter
We're gonna grow a little fatter.

From your antique chinaware set
Feed us a banquet we won't forget,
Prepare it prime like last year's fare,
Yummy for the tummy we all declare.

I guess you never learned your lesson
Cause turkey day is about in session
And again you'll slave all day long
Just to satisfy a ravenous throng.

You'll be up before dawn busily baking
And it's great care you'll be taking
To ensure every morsel is just right
To satisfy our wolfish appetite.

You know it's not easy pleasing us
So don't make a humongous fuss
Just lay your yearly massive meal
And we'll gorge till our senses reel.

Happy Thanksgiving to you the cook
We value the care each year you took
To fix a feast for gobblers to devour
Now it's time again for your finest hour.

Dividing Line of Color

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-21-09

Song title: "White-Oak Breakdown"

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