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The Homecoming by Kenneth Ellison

Golden Leaf of Homecoming

Thanksgiving day is coming around
And sounds of cheer will abound
But the happiest sound I will hear
Is your soft whispers in my ear.

Your whispers of love make me smile,
An embrace makes my day worthwhile
And one wink from those gorgeous eyes
Raises my emotions to newer highs.

Days are long since you've been gone
But now it's hours until you're home
And it will be a heavenly Thanksgiving
For together life is a dream I'm living.

As we begin another holiday season
My heart is full of refreshed reason
To offer thanks to The Father above
For your ageless devotion my love.

I am eternally thankful for everything
And truly blest by the love you bring,
You are my joy every day of the year,
Happiness is complete with you here.

I can't wait for Thanksgiving to start,
Even a moment is to long to be apart
But at last you'll be home this holiday,
It seemed an eternity you were away.

What a glorious day we'll have together
As loving friends and families gather,
Everyone missed you while you were gone
And they'll be here to welcome you home.

I love you completely heart and soul
You are the reason my world is whole
And this holiday is so precious to me
Because your beautiful face I'll see.

Golden Leaf of Homecoming

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-10-10

Song title: "El Reloj" (The Clock)

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