Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Hey turkey! Time for Thanksgiving,
Time to end your pampered living
I've babied you a year for this holiday,
Serving you as a king in every way.

I hand-fed you from a scraggy toddler
To an overbearing overgrown gobbler,
I've spooned you the best grain as a rule
While you strutted like some crested fool.

You've been the barnyard ruler old chum
But soon everyone will yell yum-yum!
Your new realm will be in their tum-tum
As they gorge until they're plumb numb.

You will go well with cornbread dressing
And as we thank God for the blessing
I'll offer thanks to you my deluxe turkey,
Though the thought seems a bit quirky.

Yes sir! You are from a high-flown stock
Only the best rest on my chopping-block,
I would not have mollycoddled an unfit
But now my plump pal it's time to end it.

You've been a thorn in my everyday life
And it's time you met my precious wife,
She harbors a grand plan for your demise,
You're about to be her treasured prize.

You'll be splendid on our table tomorrow
But I'll confess I feel a tinge of sorrow,
When you stare with those beady little eyes
I'm loath to bring about your early demise.

As I stand ready with my hatchet raised
It's difficult to imagine you braised,
Maybe a pardon is in order for thanksgiving
And you could return to your A-one living.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-12-10

Song title: "Magnetic Rag"

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