Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Devoted family has crossed our threshold
The trimmings of Thanksgiving to behold,
A bountiful harvest theme adorns inside
Where the hunger for love is not denied.

We temples of God gather each year here
To reclaim the adoration of loves' so dear,
Those from far away have returned today,
They come with heartfelt affection to pay.

Father as we gather for this grand event
We thank you for blessings Heaven sent,
We ask your presence fill the air around,
Let the high-spirits of pure joy abound.

With our table laden by Thanksgiving fare
Prepared by mothers' with tender care
We join hands to thank you Lord above
For the presence of your eternal love.

Jesus we thank you for this nourishment
And acknowledge by your hand it is sent,
In worship with grateful heads bowed
We profess ardent love for you aloud.

We ask your blessings this mirthful day
For family and friends so far away,
We dearly miss them this Thanksgiving
As by your grace we celebrate living.

We pray for our military in far away lands
And ask that you cradle them in your hands
Protect and keep them for they are your own
And bless the families they left at home.

Father we are your children and you our king
And we thank you for the bounty you bring
We pray for blessings everyday of the year
But especially now that Thanksgiving is here.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-06-11

Song title: "Tis So Sweet To Trust in Jesus"

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