Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Starlight has given way to the dawn of day
Mother and kittens are asleep in the hay,
The old rooster is crowing with all his might
As the shadows retreat to await the night.

I have moments alone at this special dawn
And as I look around and sleepily yawn
I consider the past and where I am now,
By the grace of God I made it somehow.

There were good-times but many the hard
And as my friend greets me in the yard
I realize God has blessed me without fail
And I smile at my dog wagging his tail.

My old friend and I walk amidst the trees
With his tail thumping against my knees
And I whisper a prayer for blessings sent,
God has filled me with contentment.

House lights come on all at once it seems
And inside are fulfilled hopes and dreams,
My high-school sweetheart is calling for me,
Sixty years ago she was my bride-to-be.

I linger gazing back at the autumn sunrise
And tears of happiness pool in my eyes,
My faithful friend thought I wanted to play
As I knelt and quietly began to pray.

With some difficulty I rose wiping my eyes
Listening to the geese that southward flies
And as I go to answer my sweetheart's call
I know this is the best Thanksgiving of all.

After her grand plan Thanksgiving is here,
The holiday for love and family and cheer,
My wife is a blue-ribbon winner at cooking
And my honey is still mighty good-looking.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-15-10

Song title: "Canon Opus No.2"

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