Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Through life's trials you've cried
Till inside all hope has died,
Your mind is filled with fears
And you weep unbridled tears.

Life's thorns have pierced deep
Laying unhappiness at your feet,
Your broken heart knows only sorrow,
You've closed the door on tomorrow.

You're entangled in life's brambles
All around your world is shambles,
Self-loathing is your best friend,
Despair and disdain have settled in.

Your crooked road has been cruel
A rocky rough one with no rules
With tribulations at every bend,
Your heart wearies without end.

You feel abandoned and on your own
But remember you're never alone,
God has been calling you all along,
Waiting for you to come home.

Through the Lord Christ is your way
He shepherd's the lost and astray,
Put your faith in God the Master
And know contentment ever after.

Pray for redemption and forgiveness
And experience his gracious goodness,
Walk from the darkness into light,
Feel the power of God's might.

You alone could never bear
Life's burdens and cares,
Salvation is waiting every day,
Through Christ is your way.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-05-05

Song title: "Softly And Tenderly" (Jesus Is Calling)

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