Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Hitchhiking in the cold rain
I hurt with the mental pains
Of the sinful path I've ran
Since my useless life began.

There's no place to call home,
No one to whom I belong,
I'm nobody and on my own,
I wander the highways alone.

Once I had a dear loving wife
She was the delight in my life
And a baby that called me dad
But I lost to Satan all I had.

There will be no sleep tonight
I'll shiver until misty daylight,
By morning I'll be on my way,
Hiking this lonesome highway.

An old memory comes to mind
Of grandmother's face so kind,
She raised me till I was grown
Then The Lord called her home.

If I'd listened to her sweet voice
Teaching me of life's choices,
I wouldn't be alongside this road
Shouldering a sinner's heavy load.

She taught me right from wrong
And to God I'd forever belong
But I chose the Devil's highway
And suffered for it every day.

I have to find my way back to God
I'm so weary of the roads I plod,
Each road is the same as the last
For I take with me a sinners past.

Grandmother's sweet voice I hear,
Loving whispers softly in my ear,
"Child pray to The Holy Father's son,
Jesus will save you, He's the only one."

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-08-05

Song title: "Dreams"

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