Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I was walking in the countryside
Letting my feet be my guide
I had nowhere in particular to go,
Just out for a Sunday stroll.

My spirit has been gloomy lately
Personal problems press greatly
And as I stride with a vexed mind
I feel no clear answers will I find.

I listened to a meadowlark as I strode
With heavy heart on the dirt road,
Once I whistled with happiness too
Before the onrush of troubles grew.

Bewildered with my mind in a fog
I saw a gray-haired man on a log,
A very old man staring at a church
Was just sitting beneath the birch.

With hello's said we spoke awhile
Then with a wide crooked smile
He ask me to sit with him for a spell
And I sat to the ring of a church bell.

The congregation sang and so did we
From beneath that graybeard's tree,
Blended voices rang over the meadows
As morning sun cleared the shadows.

We prayed with the flock on our knees
From our log pew beneath the trees,
We listened to a fiery preacher speak
With love on the sermon of the week.

We rose after Sunday service ended
And I faced the elder I'd befriended,
He said, "God loves you forever son
And your salvation has begun."

Smiling he said goodbye at the birch
And I watched him enter the church
Then I knelt and prayed to God alone
Until the lively flock had gone home.

Desiring talk with the fellow once more
I entered the weatherworn church door
But there was nobody inside it was clear
Me and God were the only one's here.

Happy of heart I walked home wondering,
With a renewed spirit I was pondering,
The question I guess is one for the sages,
Do guardian angels come in all ages?

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-16-10

Song title: "Nearer My God To Thee"

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