Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Over far mountains high
A green glen does lie
And a stream runs through
Of clearest hues of blue.

There is a chapel by stream
'Tween Heaven and green,
Near a small quaint hamlet
Where God I first met.

My trek soonest will begin
To return me once again
To faraway glen and home,
Never more shall I roam.

I ache for chapel and home
I am weary to the bone,
Long in sin have I walked,
Long since God and I talked.

For these many periled years
I've pined for home so dear
And the chapel where I met Jesus
As his spirit came amidst us.

I lost my kind heart and soul
And faith that made me whole
And strayed the world in sin,
Letting Satan dwell within.

To my roots I shall return
The Devil ever to spurn,
To be reborn on that blest day
I enter the chapel by the way.

Again I'll seek God in the glen
For I am old and dying within,
One final time I'll kneel down
Before I'm lain in the ground.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-20-04

Song title: "The Nightingales Sing"

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