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Heaven is Home by Kenneth J Ellison

Heavenly Dove

Life's storm for me is past
Time to go home at last,
My Holy Father waits for me
At the gates to eternity.

I will soon pass thru the light
My portal is now in sight,
Let joyful song ring up to rafter
I'm winging to the hereafter.

I've waited for this day so long
Now I'm finally going home,
I hear Heaven's bells ringing,
I hear the angel choir singing.

There is jubilation in my soul
My Lord remade me whole,
No more sickness or sorrow,
Not one painful tomorrow.

The final hour for me is here
Time to join loved ones dear,
I can almost feel their touch,
I've missed them so much.

So let jubilant voices ring out,
Let family and friends shout,
I'm going to a home greater,
Home to meet my Creator.

We'll all meet again someday
Beyond the Milky-Way
Past where the last star gleams
Till then I'll see you in dreams.
Heaven is Our Home

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-04-04

Song title: "Higher Ground"

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