Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

In His Eyes by Kenneth J Ellison

Some think how great they are
And others envy them from afar,
Some count power and wealth,
The poor just pray for health.

The Beautiful expose every day
The plain covers in every way,
Those fortunate live in a mansion
And others scrape by on pension.

Many get to Heaven by God's grace,
Some won't go to a heavenly place,
Here we're unalike as dark and light
But all are equal in God's sight.

We are all sisters and brothers
God holds no one above others,
We are born equally in His eyes
And so it remains as time flies.

Wealthy or poor we're all the same
When death's angel comes to claim,
Kings and peasants likewise will be
When laid to rest for eternity.

God's Kingdom we won't enter in
Based on the color of our skin,
We'll be judged on what is beneath
When laid our graveside wreath.

Doctors, lawyers or homemaker wives
We're the same at the end of our lives,
From beggarman to the imperial elite
We are the same at God's feet.

When it's our time at the end to rise
We'll all be welcome in God's eyes,
No one soul is better than anyone,
We are duplicates when life is done.

Who sinned the most won't matter,
No first sin is worse than the latter,
A sin is a sin in The Fathers eyes
And He forgives them not by size.

Judging is on who we are not who we were
When time for Earth to Heaven transfer
And God's pearly gates will swing wide
To accept all His children inside.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-09-04

Song title: "Does Jesus Care?"

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