Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

New Beginnings by Kenneth J Ellison

I marvel at sunrise over the land,
Colors brushed on by God's hand,
Brilliance floods the morning skies
As it's glory opens before my eyes.

Rippled water sparkles on the lake
Where quacking ducks to wing take,
They silhouette against the dawn sky
Their wings whirring as they pass by.

Doves coo softly in the swaying trees
Awakening with the morning breeze,
The cry of an eagle echoes from afar
As the twinkle dims from fading stars.

Crickets cease their singsong chirring,
The creaking windmill begins whirling,
The kitten asleep on my lap is purring,
Everywhere God's creatures are stirring.

The old hound dog rises from his bed
Wagging his tail begging to be fed,
In the barn a milk cow loudly bawls,
Complaining as she waits at the stall.

A glorious day births before my eyes
As I gaze amazed at a grand sunrise,
God has refreshed the country again
And His children that dwell therein.

From my perch atop this olden chair
That grandpa made with loving care,
There is no doubt in my peaceful mind
That God's handiwork is sublime.

A new beginning burst forth with dawn,
A fresh day God has beautifully drawn,
My spirit soars as I rise to start the day
And I think of life in a bright new way.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-16-04

Song title: "Don't Close Your Eyes"

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