Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors


At the crossroads of life you stand
With no perfect roadmap at hand,
What road should your soul take?
To Hell's door or Heaven's gate.

The roadway chosen is up to you
No one can decide what you do
But think before making that turn,
Heaven is paradise, Hell burns.

Satan's roadway is easy to begin
He offers pleasures with no end
But the toll to pay if you go his way
Is your soul on Judgment Day.

A Christian walk is hardest to make
And all your conviction it will take
But at roads end your reward will be
A home in Heaven for eternity.

Along Satan's twisted trail of sin
He lays temptation to lure you in,
His fruits will tempt and deceive
But his lies you must not believe.

God's vow will forever hold true,
His way leads to Heaven for you
It's signed in The Son's blood loss,
Just turn at the mark of the cross.

Pray before your eternal choice
Heed the urgings of God's voice,
He will lead from where you stand
All the way home to Glory-Land.

You have a choice of two roads to take
But beware an eternal mistake,
The twisted leads to endless damnation,
The other straight to God's salvation.

©Written by: Ken Ellison 06-26-04

Song title: "The Wreck On The Highway"

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