Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

God Loves You

You've lived your life in vain
Seldom uttering God's name,
Sinful ways have wasted you
And you don't know what to do.

You feel so weary and weak
And it's comforting you seek,
Deep in remorse you feel lost,
Sinning has a terrible cost.

But don't despair, God cares,
Confess your sin in prayers,
He will comfort you through
The pains that hurt you.

Tender mercies grace us all
God lifts us when we fall,
Ask him into heart and soul
With Heaven as your goal.

Pray God into your life to stay
He will take your fears away,
Let The Lord take the wheel
And His love you will feel.

Your life can be changed today
If you follow the Christian way,
Lay a prayer on God's doorstep,
He is the only one offering help.

Sins can be forgiven and erased
A painful life can be replaced,
Let the sunshine in once more,
A prayer opens God's door.

The Lord will meet you there
Whenever you say a prayer,
There is love in His embrace,
He will restore your grace.

©Written by: Ken Ellison 06-30-04

Song title: "We Are An Offering"

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