Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Winged by Kenneth J Ellison


Lord you have forgiven my past
I am your's in purity at last,
In prayer I whispered your name
And with love for me you came.

I praise you for thy gift of grace,
I am whole in your embrace,
To you Lord I surrender control
As thy touch redeems my soul.

Rejoicing in the light of thy love
I am prepared for Heaven above,
I am waiting to make the flight
To your shining city so bright.

Freed from shackles that bound
I am ready for hallowed ground,
I pray to enter the Promised-land
With wings God, at thy command.

Heavenly Father I am in-between
The present and the yet to be seen,
I wait innocent as a babe at birth
Between your kingdom and Earth.

Is it far to your realm in the stars?
Far between your world and ours?
Lord as I pray about all these things,
May I ask you for some wings?

Savior may I have some wings to fly
To such a brilliant place so high,
Adorn me with wings of snow-white
When you raise me into the light.

Lord let bright white wings be my way
To soar to Glory-Land someday,
Make me a winged angel when it's time,
To cross between your world and mine.

©Written by: Ken Ellison 11-12-09

Song title: "Spirit Filled"

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