Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

They murmured I was blind
With tender words so kind,
You'll never again have sight,
Only shadows in faint light.

You'll ever be blind they said
As my mind filled with dread,
For you it is useless to hope,
You can only learn to cope.

As the brightness left my eyes
Sorrow I could not disguise,
With love all tried to console
As my world grew dark as coal.

I was filled with dark despair
As I pleaded to God in prayer,
I asked God to heed my plight
And with mercy return my sight.

I was fearful and unable to see
But reverent prayer lifted me,
I knew God would heal in time
These weakened eyes of mine.

For God is the one true healer
And hope for a stricken believer
He can make the lame to walk
And the soundless mute to talk.

I knelt to a loving God each night
And prayed He restore my sight
And each day He caressed my face
As He drew me gently into grace.

His tender touch was upon my cheek
I began to see with eyes once weak,
The darkness was replaced by light
As God returned the miracle of sight.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-03-04

(Inspired by Donna Walker of Churubusco, IN.)

Song title: "Feel My Love"

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