Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Hello God, here is your child at last
I've come to you about my past,
My heavy heart is leaden with sin,
Father I pray you touch within.

Reach into my shadows, God I pray
Let mercy cleanse my shame away,
Fill this unworthy vessel with grace,
Let thy love erase every sins trace.

I pray for the salvation of my soul
And the goodness that Satan stole,
I kneel to you the sinner that I am,
Redeemer please redeem your lamb.

I've been adrift on a tempest sea
As waves of sin washed over me,
Grant me the lifeline of your grace,
Draw me into thy eternal embrace.

Holy Father please heed my pleas
As I lift my eyes from bended knees,
As I raise hands in praise forgive me,
Restore the innocent I used to be.

You are Almighty and I am meek,
Cleanse me in the pureness I seek,
Raise this sinner from my dark pit
Touch my stained soul and wash it.

I am a child lost this dark night
Bring forth your lamb into light,
Settle my mind on some calm shore
Free of sin in thy grace evermore.

When my time on Earth is through
Bring me to Heaven to be with you,
Give me wings Father so I can fly
When you lead me home by and by.

©Written By: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-15-04

Song title: "Just As I Am"

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