Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Life's evening sun is sinking low you know
Just a few more sunsets and we must go
To be with Father past the last twinkling stars
And His precious Son who bears our scars.

There is a great shining city in the clouds
Where one day will gather joyous crowds
But some will not rise to Heaven's shore
They will gather instead at Satan's door.

The sands of time quickly sifts away
And soon will come our judgment day,
Which will know paradise for infinity?
Who will suffer hellfire for eternity?

Surely not one would ever desire hellfire
Or believe in Satanic schemes so dire,
Choose The Lord's righteous path today
And live every day the Christian way.

Which pathway chosen is up to us all
We can ascend or into a hellhole fall,
We must accept God's offered grace
Or be cast forever into a fiery place.

Time is unending and Shangri-la waits
In brilliance beyond those gilded gates
And the fountain of life eternally springs
For those who chose God over all things.

We can join everyone crossed over before
We'll embrace once more at Heaven's door
And there will be a triumphant celebration
For the wise who accepted salvation.

In prayer take God as your personal savior
And let The Bible guide all your behavior,
Give His love a special place in your heart
Before life ends and it's time to depart.

Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-08-04

Song title: "Sweeter Than The Flowers"

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