Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

When my faith is drawn thin
And sufferings blend I'm in,
I restore my spirit in prayer
With The Father waiting there.

He waits for me to come to him
When my life is bleak and dim,
When shreds of hope seem gone
I know I am not stranded alone.

I just steal away within a hush
When the burdens of life crush
And in the quietness I find there
I meet with my Savior in prayer.

In the quiet stillness of midnight
I am redeemed within His light,
His love brims my hungry heart
And in His grace healing starts.

In a flowered meadow in sunlight,
I kneel before The Father's might,
In the peace of His creation I pray
That He lay a path to righter days.

Atop a cloud draped mountain peak
With The Redeemer I softly speak,
Amidst the tranquility of it's stillness
I pray for God's divine forgiveness.

Kneeling on a serene peaceful shore
In harmony with the sea's faint roar,
I pray The Lord's love within abides
And through my lifetime He guides.

When I feel helpless and all alone
And I can't endure life on my own,
I steal away somewhere and pray,
Within God's light I'll find my way.

I find a hush and kneel quietly down
And with prayer a healing is found,
My Father forever awaits me there,
Expecting His child to come in prayer.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-16-07

Song title: "Consider The Lilies"

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