Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Ask To Receive

If you feel no one loves you at all
And troubles have come to call,
Remember God loves you truly
And won't let you suffer unduly.

Take your hurt to God in prayer
He patiently waits for you there,
Waiting for you to kneel down,
So He may lift you to safe ground.

God always holds you in his heart
Through every ordeal you start,
Ever vigilant watching over you,
Tending wholly all you say or do.

Whenever you feel dread or fear
Remember God is always near,
You have but to pray in his name,
Pleas for mercy won't be in vain.

When all around has gone wrong
Keep your trust in God strong,
He will make his holy light shine
So you may see a new path divine.

When trouble is at every turning
Keep the flames of faith burning,
God offers safe passage through
Every tribulation that visits you.

Before your next teardrop falls,
Before your next sorrow calls,
Seek comfort in God's protection,
There is peace within His reflection.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-02-04

Song title: "Completely Healed"

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