Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

We'll all go thru the bright light one day
On God's exact schedule and way
And when your earthly time is through
Loved ones left behind will mourn you.

Some you adore will cross over before
And wait your arrival at Heaven's door
While others known will linger till last,
Missing you long after you've passed.

Legions will go in the twilight of years
And darling babies will pass with tears
While the families are left grieving here
Wondering why God took those so dear.

Father calls us home when He is ready,
Keep your faith strong and ever steady
And when he beckons a loved one away
Remember you'll meet again one day.

We grieve when they go home to glory
But we all must complete life's story,
Life on Earth is brief in God's design,
We all will pass leaving others to pine.

The beloved that ascend before you do
Are jubilant in Heaven waiting for you
So don't spend precious time yearning
Just keep the sweet memories burning.

Don't be wasted by grief when a love dies
Or consumed by heartache and long cries,
You and the cherished will soon be together
Where life is unending and joyous forever.

In the Rapture hour God will summon us all
As Gabriel's trump sounds it's rallying call,
And The Good Shepherd will gather His sheep
Leaving no lonely heart behind to weep.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-07-04

Song title: "The Majesty And Glory Of Your Name"

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