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Father Alone by Kenneth J Ellisons

Father Alone Knows the Answers.

Dividing Line for Father Alone

Often times we weary,
Life can be so dreary,
We sigh wondering why
As troubled days go by.

Trials and troubles abound
Despair weighs us down
And no matter how we try
We can't understand why.

When life's nettles sting,
Worried hands we wring
And sleepless nights cry,
Tearfully wondering why.

When life is cold as clay
And we fall in harms way,
Of God we ask in prayer,
Why must the pain I bear?

In sorrow we wonder why
Those adored ones die,
Why would God forsake
And our dear ones take?

Through life we will suffer
As hard times get tougher,
We lift our eyes to the sky
Crying out to God, Why?

Many times we wonder
When life holds us under
Why didn't God prevent
All the heartache spent?

We cannot understand
Reasons for God's plan
But believe in our heart
He mends that torn apart.

In God we must trust
To mold scattered dust,
To create our life plans
From His loving hands.

Father alone knows why,
We will know by and by,
Someday we'll be shown
The plans He has drawn.

Our merciful God loves us so
And further along we'll know,
We will understand God's plan
As angels in the Promised-Land.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-26-07

Song title: "Further Along"
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