Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Dark despair and constant sorrow
There's no yesterday or tomorrow,
There is only a distant past of regret
That no one will forgive or forget.

I am plagued by sins of yesteryear
They will haunt me forever I fear,
I cannot escape the bad I've done
I am shunned by everyone.

In youth I chose a sinful life of vice
Now Satan exacts his awful price,
Family and friends do not speak of me,
In mind they recall who I used to be.

They turn their back when I am near
When I speak they do not hear,
They will not answer should I call,
No one knows me, no one at all.

The wrinkled face in the mirror sees
A despiser taunting back at me,
The reflection sneers mockingly,
Tired eyes tear, I hate me intensely.

I despise the sinner I used to be
Before I prayed God inside of me,
In His forgiveness and mercy I live
But those I love have none to give.

Once I claimed family and friends
Now in solitude I am at life's end,
Only memories speak, to say hello,
Once I was loved, many years ago.

Loneliness is my shroud each day
The price for living Satan's way,
The broken hearts left behind me
Will only recall how I used to be.

Who will mourn me when I die?
Who will wring their hands and cry?
Who would care to say goodbye?
Perhaps a stranger passing by.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-12-03

Song title: "Eyes Upon Jesus" (keep Your)

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