Saving America, image of the World.

Saving America divide

We are the beating heart of this nation
We are it's breath by divine creation,
We are America woven by God whole,
We are the lifeblood, the body and soul.

We are the might of America by right
And it's time for us to stand and fight,
There are those that suppress our voice,
Law-makers are removing our choice.

America the people where are you today?
Your freedoms inherit are bleeding away,
Let not the evildoers darken your splendor,
Never waver-never surrender.

In brilliance you shine before the world
Around you freedom winds are swirled
As warriors of God in adoration stand
To protect our freedoms hand-in-hand.

Within our sanctified borders are people
Who would destroy every church steeple
And banish religious freedom as our right
But America will stand-America will fight.

America will never sit down too observe
While the wicked who promised to serve
Trample over freedoms granted by God,
Upon His promise they shall not trod.

Their evil is temporary but God is forever
And in His grace we are united together,
We may bend but we will not break apart
They may wound but won't still our heart.

Beloved America so battered and bruised
By politicians who swore an oath abused!
Their vows no more than a leaf in a gale,
Their mouths spew dishonor with out fail.

There is disorder within our borders now
While they feed from the sweat our brow,
Politicians are pawning America bit by bit
And we that are America sicken of it.

Inept leaders are on a wild spending spree
Destroying this land of the proud and free,
They are ruining us with a wink and a nod,
Bankrupting this nation embraced by God.

Politicians that dominate from the extreme
Are devising laws to advance their scheme,
Their plot is to make us zombies ran by state,
It is socialism the fools are hell-bent to create.

But we are America and we will never cower
Our allegiance and faith is in a higher power
We answer only to Almighty God our shield
And we will never surrender, never yield.

Before their wide-eyes we will rise to regain
This country they've tried to destroy in vain,
They will understand when it is time to vote,
When shown the door and handed their coat.

American's in unison raise their fist in anger
We scream out against the imminent danger,
Of the people, by the people for the people is our creed
And as Jesus, we are willing to bleed if that is the need.

Cross of see through Blues

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-29-09

Song title: "Beyond The Stars"

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