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 Did I by Kenneth J Ellison

Did I divided

Have I been the best I could be
As I reflect backward to see,
Did I make living worthwhile
And did I go that extra mile?

Have I to all others been kind
Showing no malice of mind,
Have I helped others as I could
Like The Bible says we should.

In reverence did I pray each day
Asking forgiveness for my way,
Did I read my Bible faithfully
Studying God's words carefully.

Was I present at church routinely
Heeding the word of God intently,
Listening to God's devout teacher
His blest messenger, the preacher.

Did I pray for poor souls in need
Asking The Lord to intercede,
Have I spread the gospel word
To sinners who have not heard.

Did I hold God above any other
Never worshipping another?
Will my soul be pure at the end
When time for spirits to ascend.

Have I done all I possibly could?
All the Holy Bible says I should?
Did I live my life in a Godly way
So I may enter Heaven one day.

Only God is everlasting perfection
As I look backward in reflection,
I was not perfect but did my best
And ask forgiveness for the rest.

Did I Divided

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-14-04

Song title: "All I Have"
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