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Seasons by Kenneth J Ellison

Seasons divided

From birth we go through seasons
Accepting on faith God's reasons,
Tempest seas we'll sail in our quest
As we journey toward eternal rest.

On our journey we pray for health
And we work to gain some wealth,
We hope for happiness on our way
To ease us along to our final day.

In our youth of spring we marvel,
In a wondrous new world we revel
Sailing on serene seas pristine blue
With parents steering us through.

In the long summer of middle life
Is good times and cycles of strife,
We experience the joys and strain
Of living happy or enduring pain.

In the autumn gold of our years
There is scarce reason for tears,
As the happier years of life loom
We plan a quiet retirement soon.

We slow as the winter of lives fade
And reflect on life choices made
And we mightily pray our mistakes
Won't bar us from pearly-gates.

As our last sunset begins it's descent
We wonder were the years went,
For awhile we look back in memory
While we pray Heaven is our destiny.

Quickly the seasons of our life pass
From that first breath until the last,
Fleeting as a sparrow through the air,
First we are here - Then we are there.

Divide the Seasons
©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-20-04

Song title: "Endless Love"
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