Hush troubled one
God is with you,
You are not alone,
Never on your own.

Do not be afraid
Your trials will fade,
Do not despair
For God is there.

Cease your tears
Shed your fears,
God hears your plea
He will comfort thee.

Do not fret anymore
Lay worry at God's door,
He will cast burdens aside,
You'll know peace inside.

Keep your faith alive
God will ensure you survive
Trials that come your way,
You will know brighter days.

Accept the healing of God
He will ease paths you trod,
Worries will soon disappear
You will know no doubt or fear.

You are the child of a King
The healer of all things,
He is Lord and Master
The promise for hereafter.

Pray to The Father for help
For that is the first step
To knowing peace of mind
From troubling ties that bind.

"Casting Burdens"

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-31-05

Song title: "He Touched Me"

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