Paradise Waits by Kenneth J Ellison

Paradise Waits Divide

Beyond stars past time's bounds
Is a grand land where joy sounds
At a great shining city by the sea
Is God's promise for you and me.

We have a Shangri-la in the sky
And we will fly there by and by,
We'll gather at those pearly-gates,
Our paradise in Heaven waits.

When our life of strife is through
And Gabriel's trumpet is blew,
Dearest love's passed on before
Will be waiting at Heaven's door.

What rapture that day will bring
As harping angels merrily sing,
Singing us home to golden shore
To dwell in paradise evermore.

Where waters of life freely flow
On streets of gold we will stroll
In Heaven's brilliance so sublime
We shall rejoice for all time.

Longing for home can overwhelm
But trust The Savior at the helm,
The salvation ship will sail for you,
From prayer dreams come true.

Paradise past the last star waits,
Happy loved ones are at the gates
We'll all join them sister and brother
Nevermore to part from one another.

In Heaven where the roses never fade
Is our eternal home God has made
In a land where we'll never grow old
Waits a glorious paradise to behold.

Paradise Waits Divide

(c)Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-25-04

Song title: "Majesty"

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