Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I am called "The dark one"
They warn my ways to shun,
Do not believe their tired lies,
I am the Almighty-The wise.

Follow me sheep I will lead,
The warnings do not heed,
I am the genuine Master,
Your true miracle caster.

I offer pleasure with no end
A life of leisure you'll spend,
Just believe what I say is true
And I will give happiness to you.

Yield to me unending devotion
And I'll set temptation in motion
To bait you with sweet seduction
Luring you to destruction.

You can live in luxury for free
If you naively revere only me,
Before you jewels will be scattered
As you lose all that mattered.

Praise only me unto your grave
I promise the delights you crave,
You will smile your life through,
Would the tempter deceive you?

I won't rip your life asunder,
I will never push you under
While you choke in sins mire
I won't hold your feet to the fire.

I am not a stealer in the night
Hidden in ambush from sight,
I will not thieve your very soul
That is not my demonic goal.

Your sinful life can be glorious
And I will revel victorious,
If you are dazzled by my offer
Just lay the price in my coffer.

To walk my path there is a toll
The price is your eternal soul,
Just ask of me what you desire
And have no dread of hellfire.

Jesus is not The Shepherd, I am!
You miserable misguided lamb,
You must believe all I say is true,
Would Satan lie to you?

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-23-05

Song title: "How Sweet Is Life"

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