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Where will you be dear friend
When your time on earth ends?
When that last supper is called
Will God have forgiven all?
Will you rise to sit at God's throne
Or will Hell be your eternal home?
Will you be cleansed and pure within
Or bathed by Satan's sin?
At life's end, if you wish to rise up
You must drink from The Lord's cup,
Sip nectar from His soul saving flask,
He will forgive but you have to ask.
When Heaven's supper bell chimes
Will you be at God's side or left behind?
Ask forgiveness while you are able
If you wish to sit at God's table.
Your plate is set ready and waiting
Let there be no hesitating,
Someday we'll dine in God's grace,
Don't miss your sitting place.
The other choice for you is gloom,
Sins not forgiven feed your doom,
You can repent before it's too late
The Father waits at Heaven's Gate.
Ask God to forgive your wanton ways,
Walk in His light the rest of your days
And when your time on Earth is through
To his bountiful table, He'll welcome you.

© Written By: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-14-04

Song title: "Reuben"

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