Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Can you hear our loved ones singing?
And Heaven's welcome bells ringing?
They ring and sing us to golden shore
To bide with The Father forevermore.

The triumph train is soon departing,
That homeward journey is starting,
Blessed believers make ready to go
Our joy ride is boarding at the depot.

It waits at the grand meeting station
For the faithful who have salvation,
Sounding it's whistle calling the fold,
We're soon bound for streets of gold.

It steams on rails of gleaming white,
To a kingdom where there is no night,
We're traveling on to our glory home
When that all aboard whistle is blown.

A band of angels will ride beside us
As we journey homeward with Jesus
To our palace of brilliant tomorrows,
Never again to know hurtful sorrows.

Our precious Savior's hands will guide
Till we reach the Promised-Land side
Where kindred wait at the pearly gate
And life eternal is God's promised fate.

We've endured Satan's evildoer ways
And prayed through the lies he sprays,
We've triumphed evil thru God's might,
Now the train of reward waits to delight.

Let the triumph train fill with jubilation
Let our happy hearts know exaltation,
We're bound for God's heavenly shore
Where immortal we'll live forevermore.

Just bring joy there's no need for packs
Those glittering rails are one-way tracks,
As stardust plumes blow from her stack,
We're Heaven bound too never look back.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-02-07

Song title: "Life's Railway"

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