Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

~*~Jubilant ~*~

My days were less than carefree
The joy in living was leaving me,
Bothers seem to come in flurries
Until I was smothered by worries.

I fretted about tomorrow everyday
Slowly worrying my happiness away
While the bitterness inside me grew
I was seeing life with a dismal view.

Sleepless nights I lay in bed restless,
Days I felt bewildered and listless,
The delight in living turned to despair
And flashes of hope were rare.

Troubles consumed me in slow motion,
I felt adrift on a tempest-swept ocean,
Tomorrows were out of control I know
As I saw the shadows around me grow.

Staring at nothing holding back tears
I did something not done for years,
Full of despair and drawn by the need
I picked up my Bible and began to read.

The sun dipped down and night came,
Again I whispered The Savior's name
I prayed with the Bible to my breast
And Jesus blest me with soothing rest.

I read and prayed throughout the night
And the colors of dawn were so bright!
With love Jesus lifted my burdens away
As I smiled at the splendor of the day.

My body is no longer a vessel for sorrows
With joy I look forward to my tomorrows,
My burdens weigh no more than a feather
For The Lord carries as we walk together.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-11-09

Song title: "Sweet One"

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