Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors


When this world is getting you down,
Each new dawn brings new frowns,
When life's problems lie at your door
Until there's worry and nothing more.

When tribulations are at every turn,
For contentment you dearly yearn,
Turn to God for the answers you need,
Prayers will sow some happiness seed.

On your knees plant seeds of prayer
You will find true contentment there,
With each new bloom will blossom hope
And amid life's rain keep spirits afloat.

Seeds of bliss will sprout and grow
With each new prayer seed you sow,
Your troubles will simply fade away
As God guides you through every day.

Sow a prayer garden in God's light
Put your faith in him day and night,
Keep your garden free of sin weeds
And God will tend all your needs.

Freedom of mind is in store you,
Life will be gentler if you want it too,
You can know joy as each day starts
If only you ask God into your heart.

Give your agonies to The Lord our King
He is the healer to suffering life brings,
If peace of mind is what you need,
Kneel down and sow some prayer seed.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-13-05

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