Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

~~*~~ Try Prayer ~~*~~

When you feel you're at the end
And you need more than a friend,
If you feel lost to a life of despair
Jesus will restore hope in prayer.

Pains seem as many as raindrops
And the hurting inside never stops,
You feel helpless and life is not fair
But healing is your's thru prayer.

When your efforts all end in disaster
And you begin doubting the hereafter
Pray and invite Lord Jesus to attend,
With prayer tribulations will end.

You may believe you just can't go on,
Each dawn into misery you're drawn
But God's love paints a clearer view,
He will lift the burdens troubling you.

At times worrying devours your time
Until there is seldom peace of mind,
But praying feeds amazing peace
And nettlesome worries will cease.

Expect a miracle when down and out
And problems flames are licking about,
If you're trapped deep in miseries mire,
Prayer will deliver you from the fire.

We can weary of the weight we carry
When impending doom seems to tarry
But when we worship God in prayer
We will find tender mercies there.

There is the divine strength you need
To succeed when you finally concede
That with life sometimes you need help
And kneeling to pray is the first step.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-22-05

Song title: "Just Let It Go"

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