Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Jesus I come to you heartbroken
Over acts done and words spoken,
My family is in a state of disgrace,
Love and respect are just a trace.

Lord Jesus in our time of need
My prayer I implore you heed,
I kneel asking forgiveness for me
And my splintered family.

We had good years long ago
And were happy as you know
But we clashed along our way
And ache in silence every day.

Now discord prevails among us
With disputes and bickering fuss,
We do not love openly and freely
But live in spite and jealously.

Unruly kinfolk no longer speak,
Seeing each other as only weak,
Stubborn wills took over long ago
Fostering hostilities that grow.

Family members has chosen a side
And behind their leader they hide,
Militant spirits are all that remain
With souls defiled by a fateful stain.

Jaded grudges we need to settle,
And dark falsehoods that belittle.
The shame we harbor in our heart
Lies unspoken to keep us apart.

If only we could talk face to face
Earlier mistakes we could erase
For no person is right or wrong
And we have crusaded too long.

Bits of love are left in our hearts
Jesus please redeem those parts,
Restore our love for each other,
Keep us whole under you cover.

Join us together forever by love tied
Let us set our bruised feelings aside,
Jesus let peace and harmony control
Cleanse our souls and make us whole.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-03-04

Song title: "Each New Day"

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